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Community Outreach

While we are a singing group, our mission is: Offering HARMONY in music to help inspire HARMONY in the community. Our Voice Milwaukee exists to provide a visible presence and a positive voice in and for the Wisconsin LGBTQ communities

Therefore, we are committed to community outreach to the LGBTQ+ community, to the broader Milwaukee and Wisconsin communities as well as anyone who can benefit from having harmony and positivity.


LGBTQ+ Pride

OVM attends and performs at pride events, including PrideFest Milwaukee and Sheboygan Pride.


Community Performances

We have performed the National Anthem for the Milwaukee Bucks, Milwaukee Brewers, and for fundraising events such as the United Performing Arts Fund Ride for the Arts.


Specialized Programs

For special occasions like "Coming Out Day" we have created specialized programs that educate and inspire the community.

Showing our Support

Our outreach is not only limited to singing. The chorus also attends other choral events and LGBT programs to show our support for the work the community is doing.

Want to Partner with OVM?

Do you have an idea of how to partner with Our Voice Milwaukee?

Performance Opportunities

If you are wanting to have OVM perform for your organization or event, please reach out to discuss what opportunities may exist. Depending on our schedule, there are numerous opportunities for small or full group performances.

Strategic Partnerships

If you have an idea for a strategic partnership through a collaborative grant, a business partnership, or a way to leverage resources in a unique and exiting way, we are always interested in talking with you!

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